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If nothing else, one day you can look someone straight in the eyes and say
“But I lived through it. And it made me who I am today.” Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via 4mbivalent)

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Every morning , look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things you love about your appearance. (via jadetalaska)

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I honestly never thought anything in my life would ever be good.

Peaches Geldof 

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Week 56
There’s a map still hung up on my wall,
just right next to my bed
so that my fingers can swim the blue paper of ocean
and trace the miles
I’m pretending are inches
between us.
Here, you don’t look too far.

Week 47
You choked on the last syllable of my name
like you didn’t want it to leave you lips;
said goodbye in a whisper
so neither one of us had to hear it.

Week 33
We are last-minute loving.
Crashing soft skin on cotton blankets,
ignoring plane tickets
and living on exhales.

Week 28
This morning
you told me you loved me.
You said you couldn’t sleep knowing
what I didn’t,
that there was a word burning so hot inside of you,
you couldn’t waste another second.
I said it back.

Week 19
Across the wobbly restaurant table,
you told me about home;
the horizon’s I’ve never seen,
how words form differently, and clocks
were moving too fast.
I couldn’t look away from your mouth
wondering how your memories
would taste on my tongue.

Week 1
We are perfect strangers
and still
there is something about you
I’d kill to call home.

daisylongmile My brother used to coach a high school hockey team last year and i fell in love with one of the players. shortly after meeting him i learned that he is German and was only in america for one year due to his father being stationed here at our Military base. He knows of my feelings for him (I told him myself) But he left June 22, 2013. I’ve known him for 56 weeks. i simply cannot get over him. I never knew how much you could feel towards someone across the world.” (via daisylongmile)
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Recovery is more than surviving. (via mylifewithanorexia)

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