“I have an addiction. Not to drugs or alcohol but to a girl. On and off for six years she has been playing with me and it’s so incredibly toxic. I love her for so many things, she made me realize I was gay, but I can’t shake her even though I know she’s not good for me.”


That otp that you ship every way like brotp, qpotp, otp, friends with benefits, soulmates, star crossed lovers, best friends since birth, forbidden lovers, and you just know that you’re never gonna ship a ship like this ever again

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Sending a long meaningful message and getting a one word reply


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A girl in a white jersey with the message DO THE RIGHT THING on the front raises her hand. ‘You visit other schools,’ she says. ‘Do you think the children in this school are getting what we’d get in a nice section of St. Louis?’

I note that we are in a different state and city.

'Are we citizens of East St. Louis or America?' she asks.

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Got to hang with this cutie yesterday #catsofinstagram #cracker #cat


I’m just gonna say something here; if you avoid making it public knowledge that we talk or that you like me; it will end immediately. I’m not trying to be someone’s secret. Be happy and proud to have me or you won’t have me at all.

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